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Emerging research shows a clear link between lifestyle factors (nutrition, physical activity, and drinking alcohol) and the risk for breast cancer. Research also shows that during the teenage years and early twenties, girls tend to decrease their involvement in sports and other kinds of physical activity, eat in a less healthy way and begin to experiment with alcohol and binge drinking.


During the teenage years and early twenties, young women are more in control of their eating, activity, and drinking choices than when they were younger. However, these choices need to be made in a culture where there are pressures to eat junk food, diet and drink alcohol in social situations. In addition, young women have many commitments and responsibilities that pose time-constraints for activity. Therefore, it is important for young women to be educated about breast cancer and the modifiable risk factors that they can control. If young women develop lower risk lifestyles at this stage of life, (by eating healthy, being active, and limiting alcohol consumption) the healthy patterns will likely continue as they get older and reduce their risk of developing breast cancer in the future.

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