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A practical and evidence based health promotion program for young women to reduce their risk for breast cancer in the future by eating in a healthy manner, increasing their physical activity and reducing their alcohol intake.

Hook-Up to Breast Cancer Prevention is a health promotion initiative for young women in their teens and early twenties. The program model is based on the successful Hook Up to Breast Cancer Prevention A Peer-Led Breast Health Promotion Project that Parent Action on Drugs (PAD) undertook with youth and adult volunteers and professionals. With funding from the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation Ontario Region the two year project developed and tested a peer-led health promotion model with young women, ages 16 20 in eight high school and post secondary school settings in Ontario. The Hook Up to Breast Cancer Prevention program is based on that program model.

The goal of the Hook Up to Breast Cancer Prevention program is to reduce the risks of breast cancer and increase breast health by assisting young women to develop healthy lifestyle patterns of healthy eating, increased physical activity and reduced alcohol consumption. There are three key messages with this initiative: Eat smart. Get physical. Limit the alcohol. The program focuses on these messages because:

  • there is strong evidence that these lifestyle factors are linked to risks for breast cancer;

  • young women are making important decisions about these lifestyle factors;

  • these are lifestyle factors that can be changed.

There are many different ways to use the Hook Up program and Tool Kit to educate young women about breast health and implement peer-to-peer breast health promotion campaigns in diverse settings where young women can be engaged to learn more about breast cancer prevention and take control of their health.

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