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Why the Hook Up initiative?

Young women are not aware of the lifestyle factors affecting breast cancer risk but are interested in the information if it is delivered in an engaging and meaningful way.

In 2005-06, in a consultation with young women, ages 16 – 20, Parent Action on Drugs (PAD) with partners in health, education, alcohol, nutrition and physical activity investigated the young women’s knowledge of and interest in the increased risk for developing breast cancer associated with three modifiable lifestyle factors of nutrition, physical activity and alcohol consumption.

The clear conclusion was that young women in this age range were not aware of these modifiable risk factors for breast cancer, but would want more information if it were delivered in a way that was meaningful and engaging for them.  They felt that the messages would best be delivered by their peers, and that breast cancer survivors and mothers and other caring women in their lives could be trusted to deliver accurate information.


The Hook Up to Breast Cancer Prevention encourages young women to run a campaign to deliver the message to their peers.

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