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The Hook Up program has been designed with a peer education model in mind; which means that we aim to educate, train, and motivate young women to deliver a breast cancer prevention message to other young women. We chose this model because young women report that they trust peers to deliver accurate information and since peer education has been shown to be effective when dealing with lifestyle risk factors.


The program is very diverse in its potential application with opportunities in physical activity, nutrition, substance use, and general women's health. It can be used within a school setting as well as with many community groups and women's organization.


The Hook Up peer education program seeks to provide an atmosphere for young women to freely discuss concerns and learn about:

  • information about breast health

  • risk factors for breast cancer

  • strategies to address breast cancer prevention

  • skill development in communication, problem solving and teamwork


In this section we provide you with guidelines, ideas, and tools to carry on a Hook Up campaign at your school or campus.


We suggest you start with the Campaign Planning section, which will give you a better idea of what to expect and tools that can aid your planning.


The Previous Campaign Ideas section has been designed to inspire you with previous applications of the Hook Up campaign in different settings.


Finally, the Other Educational Applications section can give you ideas on how to use Hook Up in a non academic setting (for example in the community) or within other campaigns or programs.


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