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Campaign Planning

Implementing a Hook Up campaign usually takes between 4 to 6 weeks which can be divided into four stages: Peer Educator Recruitment, Peer Educator Training, Campaign Development, and Campaign Delivery. 


It is always recommended to work with the support of a project coordinator or school liaison (e.g. a school nurse, phys ed teacher, health promotion leader). Coordinators will facilitate an opportunity for young women to learn about breast health and support them in creating a breast health campaign with their peers.


Peer Educator Recruitment

The first step is to recruit 8-15 female peer educators. Peer educators must be female high school or post secondary students and must participate voluntarily. Peer educators do not need any specific previous knowledge as they will be trained accordingly. Motivation is the key qualification for this position!


group 2

Recruitment can be open to the whole school or specifically targeted to a class (e.g. Kinesiology students). Posters, P.A. announcements, handouts, word of mouth, or presentations before lectures can be good recruitment tools. Brief information on the time commitment, project goals, and potential benefits to peer educators should be given.

(Click here for an example of a recruitment poster).


Peer Educator Training

Once the peer educators have been selected, a full day training workshop should be delivered where they will learn more about risk factors, research behind the information, and material to present to peers. By the end of the day peer educators will have gained new knowledge, learned skills, had the opportunity to talk to other young women, and received a free lunch!


A Power Point for training divided into two 2-hour modules with games and discussions has been created for this purpose. The presentations can be accessed here.


Campaign Development

Once the peer educators have been trained, it is time to work!

Select the desired target audience and have the peer educators develop a Hook Up awareness week. This week is an opportunity to deliver the Hook Up message in different forms. Examples of activities that can be done during this week include: tabling, P.A. announcements, games, creative contests, one-on-one question and answer periods, healthy snack tables, sports tournaments (or dance or any physical activity), and much more! See examples of activities that have been done in the Previous Campaign Ideas section.


Campaign planner and a Roles and responsibilities form have been created to aid the educators in planning their campaign, guiding their goal and activity development. The Tool Kit materials can be great elements to be used in the Hook Up delivery. In addition to the presentations, pamphlets, and posters in the Tool Kit, promotional items (e.g. T-shirts, cell phone danglers, key chains, buttons, graphic templates) are available upon request to our office if in stock.


Peer educators should have follow-ups with the project supervisor to see where they are with planning and to request help if they need it. On this step, the project coordinator or school liaison should aid in the feasibility of the plan and in obtaining the required materials or resources.


Campaign Delivery

Carry on the Hook Up awareness week with different activities and events to educate younger girls about breast cancer prevention. The campaign usually unfolds approximately 4 to 6 weeks after training. Remember to include a feedback or evaluation component to assess the effectiveness of the campaign and to aid future planners. Pictures and video are also great ways to document your work for future implementations.


Campus Guide

This guide was created by Region of Waterloo Public Health to offer information and provides support for organizing, delivering and evaluating Hook Up to Breast Cancer Prevention campaigns for secondary and post-secondary schools. 

This guide is for the Campus Staff Lead (e.g., Nurse, Health Educator, co-op placement student etc.)

Remember we are here to help you, so if you have questions you can contact us and we will do our best to guide you.

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