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Other educational applications

While the Hook Up campaign has been designed as a stand alone campaign for high schools or post secondary school campuses, it can be applicable within other settings.


Hook Up as part of the high school or post-secondary curriculum 

The Hook Up to the Facts campaign can be written into a phys-ed or health education curriculum in the high school setting or into the life sciences, health promotion, or education curriculum at the post-secondary level. Training modules can be used as educational pieces and several projects could come up as evaluation pieces. Allowing the students to run a campaign can teach the young women planning, communication, problem solving, and team work skills, among others. Finally, a written report on the factors or a research analysis behind young women's lifestyle choices can be evaluative products for the curriculum.


Hook Up in the community setting

fun at turret night The Hook Up campaign can be implemented in the community settings working with young girls such as the Big Brother Big Sisters program, the girl scouts, after school groups, female sports teams, and more. When working within a community setting, partnerships can be established within different organizations where one group with access to older girls agrees to deliver the program to a group of younger girls in another organization. The organization must provide a project coordinator, physical space, and access to materials.

Delivering Hook Up within the community context allows for a personalized touch that is specific to the peer educators and the target audience (e.g. a soccer team may organize soccer contests to draw attention to Hook Up).


Hook Up within other health promotion programs

While Hook Up is a campaign that works around the issue of breast cancer prevention, the lifestyle recommendations from the program can apply to many health promotion initiatives. For example, the Hook Up message can be delivered within a Physical activity awareness setting as an additional piece of why it is important to stay active. For that purpose, specific activities and materials can be developed that focus mainly on that risk factor (while still introducing the others).

Examples of health promotion topics where the Hook Up message would fit are: Substance use, physical activity, nutrition, self-esteem and empowerment, general lifestyle choices, wellness, health & gender, and chronic disease.

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